Use either the infinitive or Gerund of the verbs in the brakets.…

ukses 03 августа 2020

Use either the infinitive or Gerund of the verbs in the brakets. 1. I have always tried (do) my best. 2. Did you remeber (post) thatletter i gave you?

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1. I have always tried doing my best.2. Did you remeber to post that letter i gave you? 3. Passengers are forbidden to talk to the driver.4. I'd love to meet you when I am next in Athens.5. I can't help wondering why she never goes out anywhere.6. Whenever John comes round, I like cooking something special for him.7. Do you mind answering the phone for me? 8. Geofrey decided to give up smoking after suffering from flu.9. My mother advised me taking the radio back to the shop, as it was faulty.10. Samantha really hates being surprised.

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