What kind of a house would the room be in? What size?

georgy 29 декабря 2023

What kind of a house would the room be in? What size? How many windows? What kind of lighting? What colour would the room be? Explainyour choice?

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My room would have to be in a big cottege with lots of windows, so there would be a lot of light in the room. My room would have to be painted in light green, because this colour is very relaxing to look at. And because green is my favourite colour! My room would have to have furniture inside. This would include: — a bed- a desk- a closet- and a sofa.My room would also have to have other objects: — a TV- a computer- posters- and photos. My bed would be near the computer and the TV would be opposite the bed. My desk woul be near to the window. The closet would be to the right side from the window. Posters and photos would be hanging on the wall above the bed and the desk.

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