remember how you met a friend andwhite about…

sereginoff 07 февраля 2024

remember how you met a friend andwhite about it. (use the questions in EX. 1 a to help you) только не с ГДЗплизз

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Like I usually do at sunny weekends, one day I was reading a book in the park. I was surprised to hear a familiar voice .I closed the book and looked around but didn't see anyone I know. I was so confused that I decided to take a walk and in the picnic area I saw an old friend of mine Katrina was sitting with a laptop, I came nearer and greeted her.We spend all day together and were glad to meet each other by chance after so many years.A few weeks later we started going out together.Oh, I see we are now married and have a little baby. We thank God for that day in the park.

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