Сочинение про мери поппинс

yelow1 27 декабря 2023

Сочинение про мери поппинс

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Mary Poppins — the heroine of fairy tales children's author Pamela Travers, the nurse-witch, to raise children in a London family.Pamela Travers created the image of an "ideal nanny." Mary Poppins — the unremarkable-looking young woman ("She was thin, with large hands and feet and tiny blue eyes that seemed to auger through you"). It is distinguished by accuracy and fine manners, Mary Poppins shoes are always polished, starched apron, it comes from scent soap "Sunshine" and toasts. All property is the heroine of an umbrella and a large carpet (Tapestry) Bags. She knows how to create an adventure out of nothing: the most ordinary objects and under the most normal circumstances. Poppins taught his students two most important things in life: the ability to see the fabulous things in common and are not afraid of any change. In all of this for their services, Mary Poppins requests the smallest salaries.Julie Andrews as Mary PoppinsMary Poppins moves in a very original way — with the wind, which she calls the nurse "wind of change"."Unknown figure bent and even pressure of the wind tossed the children saw that it was a woman, she somehow managed to open the valve, although in one hand she had a big bag, and the other she kept holding her hat. A woman entered the gate, and then a strange thing happened: the next gust of wind picked up a stranger and carried through the air to the porch itself. It seemed that the wind carried first woman to the gate, waited until she opens it again picked up and thrown at the steps with a bag and umbrella. There was such a clatter, that shook the whole house "

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