Напишите сочинение на тему Россия на Английском языке минимум 180 слов

defann3 11 января 2022

Напишите сочинение на тему Россия на Английском языке минимум 180 слов

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Russia — a country with a long history in which everything: peace and war, sorrow and joy. She kindly opened its arms to all who sought shelter and found it in its expanse. Land is rich, and all the gifts Russia gives generously to those who need them. My homeland, like an open book, allowing myself to read. But like any book, it needs careful use, especially in storage. I, as a citizen of my country, I do everything to make it prosper, to no longer know no sorrow, no tears, no war, because it was enough. Russia made such a horrendous experience as a ruthless and bloody war. They hit my country very much, and every subsequent terrible last. After all, our enemies saw it as a potential source of resources, large areas with excellent ground. But as they say, what weakness is strength. It was in this helpless infancy faith, embodied in the hearts and souls of all living and loving his Russia into a huge source of strength and power, able to defend their land. So no one, but often come out on top, I could not crush this ball might have separate living person and usurp complete victory over the enemy. This quality (love and devotion) is unique to a Russian, but he was given a sense of patriotism, only the Russian people never say the denial of their homeland. He is proud that he was born here, in Russia. Of course, there were some periods in the history of our country, which wants to forget or to remember, but we love it. And this sense of trying to bring in something important. So, for example, our great artists and poets. They expressed their love for the country through his work, which is popular even abroad. For example, the novel "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. This work — the pearl of Russian prose. And not for nothing that he is loved in many countries. Since it is the Russian man was able to convey the beauty and misery and happiness of its citizens. Such examples are thousands, and they will be the embodiment of love for the great people of Russia.I — a citizen of Russia, I love my home. I will try to make it never needed anything. And it is the duty of all to do everything possible for the prosperity of their country. Each according to his strength and abilities must benefit others, to try to make a lot of useful and good for his beloved homeland.

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