1) Use the modal verbs can,may, ar must to fill in the gaps.…

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1) Use the modal verbs can,may, ar must to fill in the gaps. 1.What ___ we see on this map? 2.___ you speak spanish? -No unfortunately I___

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1) Use the modal verbs can,may, ar must to fill in the gaps.1.What can we see on this map? (можете) 2.Can you speak spanish? -No unfortunately I can't (cannot). (умеете? Не умею) 3. At what time must you come to school? (должны) 4. May I come in? (можно войти) 5.You may not smoke here. (не разрешают) 6. Мay I take your book? -I am afraid not: I need it. (можно я возьму?) 2) Present Perfect or Past Simple 1 (it/not/rain/this week) It hasn't been rained this week.2 (the/weather/be/cold/recently) The weather was cold resently. Или: The weather has been recently cold.3 (it/be/cold/last/week) It wasn't rain last week.4 (I/not/read/a/newspaper/yesterday) I didn't read a newspaper yesterday.5 (I/not/read/a/newspaper/today) I haven't read a newspaper today.6 (Ann/earn/a/lot/of/money/this/year) Ann has earned a lot of money this year.7 (She/not/earn/so/much/last/year) She didn't earn so much last year.8 (you have/a holiday recently?) Have you had a holiday recently? 3) Past Simple или Past Perfect 1.When father returned from,work, we had already done our homework.2.When I came home, mother had already cooked diNner.3.Tom had returned from the cinema by five o'clock.4.Ann told me that she had seen an interesting film.5.Nick showed the teacher the picture which he had drawn.6.When I woke up yesterday, father had already gone to work. 4) Change the Active voice with passive voice 1.This lecture is attended by many people.2.The ticket will be left on the table by him.3.English is spoken in many countries.4.President Abraham Lincoln was killed by an actor.5.Bananas are grawn in Africa.6.The doctor has been sent for.

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