Составьте диалог с одним из этих людей

accordh 30 июня 2020

Составьте диалог с одним из этих людей (с преступником, с девушкой из клуба или с политиком) и при этом используя вопросы WH/ What,Where,Why, Whenи.т. д

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Good afternoon our television viewer! Today we have a special guest – a famous pickpocket! Unfortunately we must keep his name in secret. Well, I begin with simples questions… -Could you tell us a bit about your childhood? What did you do when you were child? -My childhood? Heh… Well, when I was a 5 years old boy I had a lot of toy. I remember I had a big car collection, they were well arranged on my shelf.-Was it you who arranged them? -Yes, my Mom said that if my room looks good, she will buy me a snack and maybe a new car for my collection… -And could you tell us more about your mother? What type of woman she was? -My mother… Mom was really beautiful and honorable woman. She never cried on me. But unfortunately she is dead. Dead because of illness.-Oh, we are all sorry for your mother. Do you want a tissue? -No. Don’t worry it’s ok.-And why did you choose this job? The job of a pickpocket? -Honestly, I didn’t choose this job for the sake of money. My secret is that I love leather wallets, do you understand? I love them! -Ok, it’s clear.And now the advertising spot! See you later! *Могут быть ошибки, но это просто идея)

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