Сочинения по английскому языку на тему мой личный дневник…

evgenka838 08 января 2024

Сочинения по английскому языку на тему мой личный дневник, если не зделаю на завтра мне в треместре двапостаят!

категория: английский язык


Ну щас попробую сделать что нибудь сама буду придумывать чтообы ты два не получила) My personal diary. I think that everyone like me have their personal secrets, questions and a lot of things espessially about love that they can't say and write about this in their personal diary.The most important reason for keeping a diary is some words that you can not tell someone something, or you did a mistake to judge by others and you of course afraid about it. I began to use my personal diary from childhood.As a child, as we know it was a lot of mistakes for example I broke my father's phone and I couldn't tell to parents about it or or when I was in fifth grade I had a girlfriend and she loved this guy but I concealed from her this and I wrote all about this in my personal diary.But now I'm writing in my diary only my positive attitudes and try not to hide from those people who around me and people who close to me. Ну вот надеюсь что получишь 5. Желаю удачи)

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