Рассуждения на тему защита животных по английскому плюсы и минусы

khalga 03 ноября 2023

Рассуждения на тему защита животных по английскому плюсы и минусы

категория: английский язык


Я могу текст сбросить) Вот: Friends in dangers Today, many of the animals are in great danger.The biggest threat to the animals is people. People kill animals; destroy their familiar surroundings (среду обитания). Since the beginning of the nineteenth century man has destroyed more than 300 species.I want to give you just a few examples.1. InAustralia, the eucalyptus forests are cut down rapidly. This is the koala’s only food and the place where koala lives.2. Now there are only 300 individuals of the smallest rhinoceros (fromSumatra). They were killed because of the value of the horns. Horn can reach prices of $ 30,000 per kilogram.3. Freshwater species of crocodiles, living exclusively in thePhilippines, consists of only 100 individuals. However, the population is reduced, due to the use of dynamite fishing.This list goes on and on.If people will not learn to see friends in animals, to help them, to protect them and their world, many of them will disappear forever.

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