Поставьте глагол в скобках в правильное время

al3x85 07 января 2024

Поставьте глагол в скобках в правильное время (Past Simple or Present Perfect) … 40. When I (.switch) on the dishwasher, the machine (make) a loud noise.41. People always (want) to be able to fly like birds in the sky.42. I once (play) a guitar which (have) only five strings.43. I never (teach) a class where the students are so lazy.44. I (lose) a button. I don't suppose I'll ever find it.45. The slower you eat the more you will think you (eat).46. You (be) already late for classes twice this week, Nick.47. What a surprise! You're the very person I (want) to seeso much.48. They say the police already (catch) both of the thieves.49. When we (be) kids, we (love) the beach very much, so we (use) to spend all our holidays at the sea.50. You (make up) your minds yet? What you (decide) to do? 51. She (slip) her arm under his and (give) him a nudge.52. Thanks a lot. It (be) a wonderful holiday. We (have) great fun.53. Since when you (lose) sight of him? 54. Anyone (leave) a note for me? 55. The employment office (call) me twice since I (move) toLos Angeles.56. When we (live) in the north the water pipes (use) to freeze every winter and we (have) to call in a plumber.57. People (use) to come at the weekends, but during the week I (be) alone in that huge house.58. You (work) as a mechanic before? — Yes, I (use) to change flat tires.59. We (see) him at the summer course in London.60. All the shirts you (send) your father (fit) him perfectly so far.61 Although I (study) French for years I have difficulties in speaking the language.62. John whose grades are the highest in the school (receive) a scholarship.63. Yesterday we (have) supper with the neighbours of ours.64. Some years ago I (come) across this photo in an old magazine.65. We (not/give) him a thing to eat since he (arrive).66. Jerry (fail) his exams. He'll have to take them again.67. It's ages since I last (see) a decent comedy film on television.68. We understood that it (be) just a slip of the tongue.69. The police (find) the bomb yet? 70. When I (go) to book a ticket to Athens, I (find) that the flight (be) full.71. I'm not disappointed with today's result. After all we (win) ten matches already this season.72. I never (do) anything like it before. We'll have to start from scratch.73. My computer (break down) again. It's time for me to buy a new word processor.74. I can't afford a holiday abroad until I (pay back) all my debts.75. They always (bring) flowers when they came to visit me.76. The butcher (cut) some steak, (wrap) it up and (hand) it to me.77. Since the baby (be) born, they (have) a lot of sleepless nights.78. I'm sorry for her. She (has) bad luck all her life.79. Jack (climb) quite a number of mountains but he never (be) to Everest.80. You (see) my gloves, by any chance? 81. He (give up) smoking yet? When he (do) it? 82. What's up? You (hurt) your ankle? How you (do) it?

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40.swithed///made41.have wanted42.played//had43. taught44.have lost45.have ate46.were47.have wanted48.have caught49.were//loved//used50.made up//have decided51.has sliped//has gave52.has been//have had

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