Помогите с письмом пожалуйста By the way we are doing a project…

numorik 14 августа 2020

Помогите с письмом пожалуйста By the way we are doing a project at college on the fashion industry in different countries it would be nice if youcould me what clothes are popular teenagers in Russia. Do you have any special fashion for teens? What kind of clothes do you prefer? I've got to go now it's time for my music lesson. Right letter to Emily. Answer on her question.Ask her 3 quastion what kind's of music she prefer.

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Hi, Emily! How are you? I don't thinkthat Russian teenagers have any special fashion. Every person wears what he wants. I prefer comfortable sports clothes: jeans, trainers, trousers, t-shirts and so on. Of course if it is a holiday I prefer beautiful dress or skirt with a blouse. What music do you like to listen? Do you like pop music? What is your favourite singer and music group? Sorry. It is time to go. bye!

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