Помогите пожалуйста очень надо!

evgeny417 13 ноября 2023

Помогите пожалуйста очень надо! Вставить пропущеное 1. The radio says it _ tomorrowa) snows b) is snowing c) will snow2.Of course we know Mary.She is good friend _a) of theirs b) their c) theirs3.How _ you get to work? a) do b) does c) are4.Look at those black clouds.It _ raina) will b) is going c) is going to5.John works for our firm.-Ready? I _ go and see him at oncea) will b) am going c) going to6.He _ in the office every day from night to sixa) working b) works c) are working7.Mary will type the contract very _a) quickly b) quick c) quicker8.Do you _ everything for your seminars? a) have b) have got c) has9.I _ my old friends for a long time and I'd like them to come to my partya) hasn't seen b) haven't seen c) doesn't see10.The academy of Municical Administration _ a modern library and many computersa) have b) have got c) has11.Tom has lost his passport again.It's the second time he _ ita) lose b) lost c) have lost12.What problems _ you _ at the meeting? a) will… discussed b) are… going to discuss c) does… discuss13.The Acadeny _ facilities for physical training in sport clubsa) provides b) provide c) is providing14.I have never seen anyone who eats _ exotic food than you doa) much b) more c) the most15.We _ an appointment with our partners in Room 308a) have got b) has c) is having16.He _ the hotel,took a taxi and drove to the railway stationa) left b) leaves c) has left17.The manager _ the letter.Can you post it at once? a) sign b) have sighned c) has signed18.Are you doing anything special _ the weekend? a) in b) at c) while19.When I _ at the railway station, I went to the booking office and bought a ticketa) arrives b) arrived c) has arived20.Are these your reports? No,they are _a) David's b) davids c) of David

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1. С) 2. А) 3. А) 4. С) 5. А) 6. В) 7. А) 8. А) 9. В) 10. С) 11. В) 12. В) 13. А) 14. В) 15. А) 16. А) 17. С) 18. А) 19. В) 20. А)

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