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ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА НАПИСАТЬ МИНИ СОЧИНЕНИЕ (6-8 предлож.) тема: travel (главное, чтобы предложения были правильно составлены) , очень вас прошу (

категория: английский язык


I think itis impossible to live in our modern word without travelling because there aremany interesting places to visit and see.Railway andbus stations, airports and seaport are busier in summer than in other seasonsof a year because of school holidays.Travellingis the best way of spending holidays because you can visit differentinteresting places in your country and abroad.I prefer totravel by train because I like to look out of the window and watch the nature and a lot ofsmall towns and villages.Of course,I usually travel with my parents because I am a teenager and my parents don’tallow me to travel by myself.I havealready been in Moscow, Berlin,Volgograd, Saratov.I have never been to London.It’s my dream.Seaside is better to travel in summerbecause you can swim and dive, sunbathe and relax.My parents andI always take a camera with us when we are going to travel because we like totake photos very much.To my mindit is better to travel for pleasure because you may relax and don’t think aboutbusiness.

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