Помогите плиз 1. Fill in the gaps with the right prepositions

tilibom 19 мая 2020

Помогите плиз 1. Fill in the gaps with the right prepositions (предлоги).1) I don`t like to get ________ early in the morning.2) Who will look ___________ the children while you work? 3) He got ________ all difficulties.4) The robber has just got __________ from the police.5) What are you looking _______? – I have lost my keys. 6) They have made _______ their mind to go to Turkey on holidays.7) You have made a lot of ________________ in this test. 2. Put the verbs in brackets in Present Perfect or Present Perfect Progressive.1) People … outside for a long time.a) have stood b) have been standing c) stood2) He … in Minsk for the last week.a) has been b) was c) has been being3) I … my car for several days.a) repaired b) have repaired c) have been repairing4) We … each other for two years already. a) have been knowing b) knew c) have known 3. Fill in the gaps. Use: who, which, whose, when1) The man _________ is sitting there is my friend.2) The day __________ I got married was the happiest day of my life.3) The man ___________ car was broken was very angry.4) Where is the letter ___________ I gave you to read? 5) I picked up the key ___________ the woman had dropped. 6) We know Shakespeare as a writer ___________ wrote many plays. 4. Fill in the gaps with too or enough.1) She isn`t _____________strong _______________ carry all those boxes.2) The soup is ______________ hot _____________ to eat.3) It`s ______________ cold ______________ today to sunbathe.4) There aren’t _____________ people _____________ to make a team.5) I’d like to go on holiday but I haven’t ____________ time ____________.

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1,1) up; 2) after; 3)? 4) out; 5) for; 6) of; 7)?

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