Помогите написать сочинение на тему «мое отношение к политике»…

magval 19 июля 2020

Помогите написать сочинение на тему «мое отношение к политике» 100-120 слов

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" My perception of power and politics in Russia .My perception of power and politics in Russia .There was such a view as possible, and many that understanding the mechanisms of the political "machine" need only to those who are directly or wants to be on top of the state (public authorities , political parties) as well as those who are interested or want to seem interested in maintaining and enhancing the rights of society, redistribution of government and other political issues (social movements and organizations).Politically educated person can and should protect their rights and freedoms which are nowadays very often violated by external people , employers, individual governments.It is very common now believed that those who are in power themselves determine who will be president , which party will take the majority of seats .Roughly speaking, politically uneducated segment of society can be divided into two groups: people who do not understand or want to understand the policy , and the people who only know how to criticize the power plant and demagoguery .But before you judge , you need to present yourself in the place to judge, it is not so easy — run the whole state, and also to remember the reason why at the top are the ones who are — because in our country is chosen by people power .For the disclosure of this issue let's turn to the concepts of power and politics .Power — the ability and capacity to impose its will affect the activities and behavior of other people, even in spite of their resistance. The essence of power does not depend on what the basis of such a possibility . Power can be based on different methods: the democratic and authoritarian , honest and dishonest , violence and revenge, deception, provocation , extortion , promotion , promises , etc.The power came with the emergence of human society and will be in one form or another is always accompanied its development. It is necessary for the organization of social production, which requires the submission of all …

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