Помогите написать сочинение на английском языке на тему Барановичи

kattrin 24 ноября 2020

Помогите написать сочинение на английском языке на тему Барановичи (20-25 предложений).

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In the second half of the XVII century in Baranovichi housed Jesuit mission. In the second half of the XVIII century, were the property of Baranovichi Mosalsk Neveselovskih and, in XIX century belonged to the Countess EA Rozwadowski.The history of the city dates back to 17 (29) in November 1871, when the movement to the newly built section of the railway Smolensk — Brest. Station name, occurred during construction, given the nearby village of Baranovichi, the first mention of which is found in the will of AE Sinyavskaya in 1627. Then, in 1871, not far from the station will have its own locomotive depot.1874 — the emergence of the railway junction. The wooden station building, station buildings, a few houses in which lived railway — these were then Baranovichi. The new railway will link Moscow with the western outskirts of the country.The impetus for more intensive settlement area adjacent to the station from the south, was the event in May 1884 — Minsk province government took a decision to build on the land of the landlords Rozwadowski town, known Rozvadovo. Development was carried out on the town plan approved Minsk governor May 27, 1884. The village had 120 houses and lived a half thousand people.According to the plans approved by the Emperor Alexander III, it was assumed that there will still be the same one railway — Vilnius — Luninets — Pinsk — Exactly. Therefore, simultaneously, in two and a half miles from the station, the Moscow-Brest railway line crossed the rails Vilna-Rovno direction Polesie railways. At the railway crossing there was another station Baranovichi — Polesie railways, which became the second center of shaping the future of the city.As in the first case, the station area lodge workers, merchants. There is a new settlement, which unlike Rozvadovo, which has become an informal appeal the Old Baranovichi, was named New Baranovichi. It developed on land owned by farmers a number of villages located near the new station (Svetilovichi, Gierow, Uznogi). More convenient than the landed estates, lease terms, the proximity of administrative agencies contributed to the rapid growth of the settlement.

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