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s-morehod 05 июля 2020

Перевод не нужен! Проверьте правильность написания 3. I guess many TV sets stops people from arguing over which channelto choose from, doesn’t it?

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Nowadays technology is developing very fast. A lot of families can afford to have more than one TV set at home.On the one hand, many TV sets allow each member of the family to watch any channel he or she wants. While the children are watching cartoons, father can watch football and mother can watch a serial. Moreover, there are no quarrels about choosing channels among members of the family.On the other hand, people spend a lot of time watching TV. And if they have many TV sets they will spend much more time at them. And what is (если это сочинение для ЕГЭ — сокращения не допустимы) more, children less communicate with their parents. There is no unity in the family.To sum up, families should decide for themselves whether to buy some more TV sets or not.Personally I don’t watch TV at all. I use my computer to learn news and watch films. I think TV set occupies much place. 4. Are all sports healthy? Sport is very important in our life. It is popular with young and old people. Some people say sport is really useful.On the one hand, sport helps people to keep fit and be healthy. People going in for sports don’t often get ill. Moreover, sport helps people to be in the good mood, gives spirit and energy and saves from stress and depression.On the other hand, some kinds of sport like diving, snowboarding, rock climbing and others are dangerous, because you may get injury or even die. And what’s more, some people think sport distracts from intellectual development.To sum up, people should decide for themselves whether to go in for sports or not.Personally I think sport is very important for me. I try to do exercises every day. I think sport helps me to keep fit.

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