Напишите сочинение на английском про какую-нибудь субкультуру

alexandr2010 16 ноября 2020

Напишите сочинение на английском про какую-нибудь субкультуру. Лучше всего про хипстеров. Можете нормальное сочинение на русском написать, перевести ясмогу.

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Several years ago, emo style revolutionized the public mind: depression is a state of mind (It used to be older, of course, that teenagers depression does not happen) , the black and pink color, patina and Japonism unisex haircut with long bangs. A couple of years ago on the horizon was a style of thrash subcultures. Thrash fans themselves believe that style has nothing to do with emo, but if they are accustomed, we can see a certain similarity. But the hair, though extravagant, but different. Bored pergidrolnye curls and straight bangs? Thrash reminiscent trendy now 80-90s and crazy hair styles of the time. Hairstyles is generally the highlight style. Somehow it looks like a princess style, but rebellious and punk: long hair, only poisonous colors, tiara on her head — only in conjunction with a bracelet of skulls. So, hairstyles trash, are supposed to create so-called effect of graft hair, this is one. Next, it's color. Colors — crazy. From emo inherited a radical black, also in favor blue, pink, green, red, yellow, and no less radical colors. For far from similar experiments with the appearance, fit and quite traditional shades, but in combination with a bright streak. By the way, it can be painted with all possible madness: for example, "leopard" or simply on an animal theme. It is quite simple in style and coloring the hair ends in the same bright colors. Not less in favor and false hair, both natural and artificial, false afro and dreadlocks …

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