Напишите плиз Про крассную площадь на английском язаке

edmon 08 февраля 2021

Напишите плиз Про крассную площадь на английском язаке

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Очень легко! Смотри.Red Square — the main square of Moscow, located in the center of the radial-circular layout in the middle between the Moscow Kremlin (to the west) and China-town (east). From the square to the Moscow River is receding Vasilevsky descent.17-22 December 2000 at the Red Square in aid to the city of technicians and engineers of the Moscow theater "Ballet on Ice" ice rink built for the first time the size of 15 by 30 meters, with changing rooms and a buffet with hot food and coffee. The right temperature at the rink to support a mixed cooling system. The cooling system water filled the Moscow fire. Rink worked from December 23 to January 13, from 11 to 20 hours, and New Year's Eve December 31 to six hours. Admission to all day — free of charge. Next to it is a Christmas tree, and around two dozen huge ice sculptures up to 4-5 meters. In addition, in Red Square were two large video screen on which day of broadcast cartoons for children, and evening concerts.

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