Написать сообщение про любое животное на английском языке

tinki 05 октября 2023

Написать сообщение про любое животное на английском языке

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My four-legged friend , I picked up freezing in the polar night. He was a mongrel crumbs with drooping ears . I called him Tom , who came home. He lived on earth only 6 years old . He died in my arms . Wait for me when I came home from work in the evening . Waiting for me udverey already paralyzed legs and he crawled on me for an hour kuhnyu.V increased swelling in the neck and he gasped . Someone hit him in the neck (ran away from me for a walk in the morning) , maybe because of the skins . It was a sleek , shiny . I namyvayut it with shampoo . When I married zasobiralas , Tom did not accept him immediately . Did not come , did not take anything from him , no goodies. A week before his death suddenly became quietly approached , put his head on his knees and quiet nasmelo whine . My future husband wondered, " What happened to him that he needs? Never like , and there is not distilled off " . And only then I realized that Tom begged him: "Do not hurt my mistress , do not hurt! " He his sensitive canine heart has long felt that this man was evil and make me sick. And so it happened . Since 2000, no my protector , and write about it and tears welling . He introduced me to all dog lovers my yard , although Tom , I lived there for 21 years. Такое сойдет?

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