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angelkgw 01 июня 2020

Написать письмо: I've just been to Australia. I saw kangaroos and koalas! I even learned surfing at one of the Australian beaches! That wasunbelievable! I definitely want to go there again! Where did you spend your last summer? What did you like most about it? Which country would you like to visit one day, why?

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ДатаСтранаГород Dear Mike,Thank you for your letter. It was great to hear from you. I'm glad that you had a great time. If you go there again, I hope you’ll take me with you! So I spent my last summer in Kiev that is situated in Ukraine. You know, I had a great time! I visited many interesting places and saw different awesome things. But most I liked Arch of Peoples’ Friendship and Kievo-Pechorskaya Lavr. They are such wonderful and exciting places! I think everybody who will visit Kiev should go to these ones.Well, I would like to visit Finland because it’s my most favourite country. There are many beautiful places in Finland, especially parks and lakes. Also I like finnish rock music Best wishes,…

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