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non-stop 15 сентября 2020

Написать эссе по английскому (180-275 слов): some parents think that having a computer at home will help their children to get a bettereducation

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Your computer is now no surprise. Today computer classes offered in elementary school, preschool development groups in kindergartens. With the help of computer programs is the training and development of children."Advanced" parents, not yet having the baby diapers, put the kid to the monitor. «Older» the parents believe that sit at the computer very bad even for a senior high school student, and prohibit their children to gun shot approach to computers. They dream of seeing their kids happy, healthy, and successful. Can a child who spends a lot of time at the computer, be healthy? On the other hand, can nowadays teenager, parents are completely isolated from the PC, become an expert in any professional field? The emergence of personal computers has given rise to a huge number of myths concerning both benefit and harm from their use.

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