Complete the sentences with a necessary form of the adjective…

xalenyshkax 21 ноября 2023

Complete the sentences with a necessary form of the adjective in brackets. 1. Your TV is much (good) than ours. 2. This is the (bad) film I’ve everseen. 3. A woman seems to get (young) every year. 4. He is the (fat) person in his family. 5. This is the (attractive) room in the whole house. 6. She has a friend who is much (pretty) than her. 7. Everest is the (high) mountain in the world. 8. I think she is the (good) person who ever lived. 9. The exam was quite difficult – (difficult) I than we expected. 10. Jane is two years (old) than Jack.

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1Better2Worst3younger4fattest5mostattractive6prettier7highest8best9more difficult10older

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