Choose the correct word (a,b,c) to fill each gar (1-7)

natmer 28 ноября 2023

Choose the correct word (a,b,c) to fill each gar (1-7).There is an example (0) at the beginning. They (1) alarge area. Some parks (2) mountains and rivers. Others (3) homes for plans and animals. A lot of people visit national parks every year. Some choose the closest park, others go to the places that are (4) away. But in every park the (5) is very special/ People learn about the important role of each bird, tree and flower in the (6). They also learn the importance of protectong (7) , because some animals and plants may (8) if they are not protected. It is good when people are (9) about nature around them .

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1. b cover 2. a protect 3. c provide 4. b far 5. a wildlife 6. b nature reserve 7. b nature 8. a disappear 9. c concerned

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