1. You (to go) for a walk with me?

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1. You (to go) for a walk with me? — I (to be) sorry, I can't. I (to do) my homework. I (not Упр. 227. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла голы в одном из следующих времен: Present, Past, Future Simple; Present, Past Continuous; Present, Past Perfect.

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1. Will You go for a walk with me? — I am sorry, I can't. I am doing my homework. I have not written the English exercise yet . If you wait for me, I will go with you in half an hour. I want to go for a walk very much, because I did not go for a walk yesterday. 2. Don't go to Nick's place now, he is working. He will finish his homework at seven o'clock. If you come after seven, he will be very glad. 3.Did Pete go to the cinema? — Yes, I think so. He usually plays in the yard at this time, and now he is not there. 4. He was reading a book at five o'clock esterday.5. Yesterday the children had done all their home work before mother came home, and when she came, they were playing with the cat. 6. I lost my key when I was playing in the yard yesterday. 7. Ring me up as soon as you come home. 8. Where do you usually take books for reading?

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