1) Нужно составить предложение:…

ushaan 27 июля 2020

1) Нужно составить предложение: 1.To, I, try, ice-cream,would,strawberry,like. 2 Homework, i, my,just,doing,finished,have 3 Tv,turn, do,on,not,the! 4Yesterday , did, do ,what,you? 5 Than , blouse, those, more, this, trousers, is ,expensive.My clothes… niceA) has B) is C) areWhen i saw James, he… a book.A) read B) had C) was readingThe cat is lying… the fireplace.A) In B) by C) UnderIf i have a toothache, i go to… hospital.A) The B) — C) AYour brother's son is your… A) Nephew B) Cousin C) Brother-in-lawHe is younger… meA) Than B) That C) AsThe train… the station at 5:30A) will leave B) leaves C) are playingI like to play… pianoA) a B) the C) -Have you got… milk in the fridge? A) some B) many C) muchI am hungry! I need… to eat! A) something B) nothing C) somebodyIf i … English,i will trabel to the UKA) will learn B) have learnt C) learnThe book which O bought yesterday… $3.A) cost B) costed C) has costTo cook this cake you need… flour.A) few B) many C) a littleHe works… a teacher.A) Like B) as C) that Пожалуйста решите.

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1. I would like to try strawberry ice-cream.2. I just have finished doing my homework.3. Don't turn on the tv.4. What did you do yesterday? 5. This blouse is more expensive than those trousers.

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