Надо кратко пересказать Гарри Потер и тайная комната…

stgrad 09 октября 2019

Надо кратко пересказать Гарри Потер и тайная комната в 15 — 20 предложениях! ППллиизз! /Если можно то на английском! (Необязательно) СРОЧНО!

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The story starts from the fact that Harry Potter couldn't get to the King's Cross. He has to use Ron's father's magic car to get to Hogwarts. In the castle Harry starts hearing a strange voice, avalaible to him only. He heared the voice when he was coming back from Lockhart's cabinet. Some time later, after the Halloween feast, all Hogwart's pupils find Harry standing near the wall where is written in blood: The chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir… beware! when Harry breaks his hand playing Quidditch, he has to spend a night in the hospital. There he meets Dobby, the house elf. Dobby tells him that terrible things are going on in the school and persuades Harry to leave the school. The same night Harry sees petrified Colin Creevey.Then another thing happens: at the Duel Club Harry, unwittingly, starts speaking parseltongue. Since that time everyone in the school thinks Harry is the heir. There are some other petrified people. Harry Ron and Hermione start finding out who is the real heir and what monster lives in the Chamber. First time they suspect it's Hagrid's Aragog, but after walking into the Dark Forest they already don't think so. Mr. Binns tells them the legend (in the book , in film it's p. McGonagall). Then happens something terrible — Hermione is petrified, but she left for Harry and Ron help. She found out who lives in the Chamber, and it's the Basilisk.They come to the girl's toilet to talk to Moaning Myrtle. She tells them how she died. This time Hogwarts' teachers see that Ginny Weasley is lying in the Chamber. There's written on the wall: Her body will stay there forever. So Harry Ron and Lockhart come to the Chamber. There Harry meets Tom Riddle and Basilisk. After battle Harry wins, Ginny comes to life. Phonix heals Harry's hand and they all come back. The end)

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